neuresource group working breakfast on change agility

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On Wednesday 13 November in Brisbane, neuresource group hosted the first of our working breakfasts. John Findlay of Maverick & Boutique spoke about the Complex Adaptive Operating System (CAOS) and the Complexity Model of Change, which he developed to assist organisations become more agile and adaptable.

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To illustrate how even one change can affect the dynamics of a system, John took everyone out to the balcony and asked each of us to choose two people from the group (without letting them know) and to remain equidistant between them. At first, the balcony was filled with large movements as everyone jostled to find the correct positioning. The movements then became more subtle, almost circular, before winding down and eventually stopping at around a minute and a half.

This small exercise powerfully demonstrates the challenges of long-term planning in a world that is growing increasingly complex. We saw for ourselves how even one slight change altered the responses of the other participants. At the organisational level, change is more complex, with different interests, competing teams, clashing cultures, all in movement and all vying for a share of energy and resources.


Tara Neven, co-founder and director of neuresource group, spoke a little about some of the new processes we’ve developed to address organisational change, emphasising that change agility is the new defining capability. She introduced neudiscovery, a state-of-the-art method for evaluating the strength of an organisation’s foundation. While we may accept that change agility is a necessity, it’s not always easy to determine the specific areas within an organisation that need to be re-wired and just how much re-wiring needs to be done. The neuresource group STEAR process, the primary tool used in the neudiscovery sessions, measures where each stakeholder or employee sits across the five key areas we believe make up a strong organisational foundation.


To great excitement, Linda Ray, co-founder and director of neuresource group, announced that a neudiscovery session would be given away to one of the breakfast guests in a draw.


We look forward to 27 March 2014, when we will host another working breakfast, filled with cutting-edge thinking about ways to replenish precious cognitive resources presented by nap specialist Thea O’Connor.  See you there!


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